About EMS

After serving as a Paramedic for over ten years across the United States, I discovered that I could make a more meaningful impact in people’s lives through nutrition and exercise. After working with people directly as a personal trainer over the past two years, I discovered the most difficult part of the transformation journey was always nutrition based.


All my clients were so busy between work, family, and friends that they had difficulty planning and preparing for the week ahead of them to ensure that their week was packed with macro balanced, nutritious meals that encouraged their fitness goals.The clients that were making the most progress had begun to use mainstream meal prep services that seemed to be overpriced and were often times missing the core elements of the diet plan I laid out for them, but yet they were getting better results.

I set out to create a solution to give people back their free time to enjoy their lives rather than be in the kitchen preparing for the week ahead. I wanted to make meals that were simple, affordable, locally curated, and most importantly healthy. Whether someone is seeking to lose fat or gain muscle, I wanted to provide a solution and that is where Essential Meal Solutions was born. Since EMS’s inception, I have carefully calculated the best balanced meal plans for every body’s goals and designed meals that are tasty, nutritious and affordable. In November, I partnered with Xclusive in Ladera Ranch which is now where the food is being cooked and packaged based on my program’s standards. We provide all natural meat and fish, locally sourced organic produce and avoid using unhealthy oils and seasonings.