What sets us apart?

At Essential Meal Solutions, we’ve tried other meal plans. We’ve tried prepping our own meals, and many of us have even tried the expensive low-calorie cookie-cutter plans like Nutri-something and slim-something. The one problem we kept running into was the quality of the food. When we cooked our own food, it was fresh, but we’re not 5-star chefs. When we ordered food through other meal delivery programs, the food was usually pre-frozen and bland. 

By cooking and delivering our meals twice a week, we ensure that your meals are never frozen. With most meats you can expect at least 4 days of freshness if kept refrigerated. By the fifth day, you’re walking on thin ice. By delivering your meals on Sundays and Wednesdays, we guarantee that your meals will be fresh and flavorful every time.  

Another issue we ran into when trying to prep our own meals was taste. Sure, we could cook ourselves some chicken and beans that were healthy and nutritious, but did it taste as good as going out to a restaurant? Usually no. When we founded EMS we knew we wanted to take our food a step above the rest, which is why we hired the award-winning Chef Manny Velasco, and Food Network Star Chef Chris Tzorin to handcraft each and every meal.  

With fresh and flavorful food curated by a certified nutrition specialist, we are positive that Essential Meal Solutions can deliver the fuel your body needs to seize the day. Give our meal plans a try, and see for yourself why people are so happy with our services.  

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